August 18, 2021

Who is the Ideal Werkules User?

As we prepare WERKULES ® for national launch, we’ve often been asked by investors who is the ideal user? We believe there will be wide diversity in user age and occupation. WERKULES ® is a map-based IOS and Android mobile app that links service providers and consumers in real-time.  The first app adopters will likely be entrepreneurs and freelancers. That makes perfect sense because the inspiration for the app began from CEO Louis Rubino’s years of experience with gig work in the construction industry. He wanted to create an app to simplify many daily business tasks, keep track of jobs and give local businesses a fair advantage when it comes to bidding on leads. WERKULES is designed to solve many common hurdles entrepreneurs and freelancers experience, and allows marketing and billing tasks to be done “on the go” through the app.

Age and Job Category

In a recent study looking at the gig economy, 40 Gig Economy Statistics You Must Learn: 2021 Market Share & Data Analysis –  we find several interesting facts:

  • 65% of freelancers in the 55-year-old and older age bracket see freelancing as an ideal transition into retirement. (Upwork, 2020)
  • 53% of the freelancer population in the US are made up of Gen Zers or those aged 18 to 22 years old. (Upwork, 2019)

Based on the research above, the WERKULES app will appeal to a wide variety of ages, 18 to 55+ years old, who are comfortable with technology and depend on gig work to provide or supplement their income.

In the same article, data revealed that:

  • The top three freelance industries are construction, arts and design and entertainment.

WERKULES can easily serve all three of these industries. It is not built just for the home service market. Many apps already exist to help you find home service professionals. But WERKULES ® can serve a wide variety of gig market jobs. It can, for example, easily be used to find a local band to hire for a wedding or an artist to paint a mural for a new coffeeshop.

The WERKULES User Profile

Now we can begin to identify characteristics of the future WERKULES users. The initial users most likely will be freelancers working in a wide variety of industries: from home services to design and entertainment. They will range in age from Baby Boomers to Gen Zers and Millennials. Since WERKULES® will serve a multi-faceted user base, we expect that use of the app will spread by referrals and word of mouth. We expect to quickly build an even larger pool of multi-generational users.


WERKULES is now in beta-testing and is being prepared for national launch.