July 2, 2021

Netwerk Presents WERKULES!

Netwerk Inc., is now in the process of  developing its revolutionary consumer-centric mobile app WERKULES.

Introducing WERKULES

By 2027, it is estimated that the gig economy will employ over 50% of U.S. workers. The home services industry offers a big opportunity for a disruptor to take control of what is a fragmented market poorly served by technology. Major corporations clearly see the opportunity the gig economy offers but have struggled to find a way to dominate the market.

Netwerk Inc. has found the solution in WERKULES, a mobile app that connects service seekers and service entrepreneurs in real time. WERKULES is not limited to the home service industry.  WERKULES allows entrepreneurs of all kinds to run their business on-the-go, with immediate access to lead generation, marketing, billing, and customer service. Service seekers will be able to post a need and receive and respond to bids from regional providers in real-time. The app will also offer a unique user rewards program.

Initial beta testing for WERKULES began June 2021 and will continue in select urban markets. Funds raised will support continued development and marketing of WERKULES in preparation for future national and global service.

To learn more about WERKLUES, please visit Werkules® • Connecting people who want services NOW!.

About Netwerk Inc.

Netwerk Inc. is an internationally staged and legally protected startup corporation with the vision and potential to become a multi-billion-dollar industry leader. For more information, contact CEO Louis Rubino at 888-753-6478 or calendly.com/louisnetwerkinc