July 19, 2021

COVID-19’s Impact On Business

Many articles are now being published in top news journals discussing Covid-19’s impact on the business world. They note how American workers are reluctant to return to low wage jobs and long daily office commutes.  A  recent article in The Atlantic (Quitting Your Job Is a Sign of Optimism – The Atlantic)  asked readers to consider if this was a momentary or lasting trend. The big question was whether “worker power and tech-powered productivity growth might grow hand-in hand.”

Netwerk Inc. is aware of the rising trend towards entrepreneurship. Many workers are starting their own businesses and are creating avenues of employment which do not tie them to an office and desk. Many have decided they want more time to spend with families or time to pursue other interests. Netwerk Inc. founder Louis Rubino believes that it is indeed possible to combine “worker power” with “tech power” for a better work/life balance.  The tool that will help provide this balance is now in its initial beta-testing phase. That tool is WERKULES, a consumer-centric mobile app which will match customers with area service providers immediately, with complete transparency.

Entrepreneurs and small business owners will love how WERKULES provides immediate access to new leads, enabling them to quickly grow their business. With WERKULES they’ll get notifications of a service sought, expected expense, geographic location and urgency of need and can respond with bids immediately from any location via a smart phone. The app provides billing, marketing and customer service features, simplifying these time-consuming tasks and eliminating the need for these tasks to be done in an office.

Service seekers will enjoy WERKULES ability to provide immediate access to a talented worker pool. Post a need, compare bids and select a provider. Once a provider is engaged, the post disappears, ending  notifications from other providers. WERKULES takes the stress out of finding help for a wide range of common needs. It is not limited to home service providers. The app is free to use and has built-in reward system for frequent users.

WERKULES is being introduced in select geographic areas as it undergoes testing in preparation for a national launch. This  amazing future “must-have” tool will be available in your area very soon.