Who is the Ideal Werkules User?

As we prepare WERKULES ® for national launch, we’ve often been asked by investors who is the ideal user? We believe there will be wide diversity in user age and occupation. WERKULES ® is a map-based IOS and Android… Read More >

Werkules – The Tool for Gig Workers Everywhere

For better or for worse, the gig economy is transforming the workplace and displacing traditional work structures. Independent contractors, on-call workers and temporary workers all depend on acquiring short term work assignments, and the number of people in that… Read More >

COVID-19’s Impact On Business

Many articles are now being published in top news journals discussing Covid-19’s impact on the business world. They note how American workers are reluctant to return to low wage jobs and long daily office commutes.  A  recent article in… Read More >

Netwerk Presents WERKULES!

Netwerk Inc., is now in the process of  developing its revolutionary consumer-centric mobile app WERKULES. Introducing WERKULES By 2027, it is estimated that the gig economy will employ over 50% of U.S. workers. The home services industry offers a… Read More >

Introducing Netwerk Inc.

The idea is the first currency of the Universe, so pay attention to the ideas that are in harmony with your vision. – Mary Morrissey Netwerk Inc. founder Louis Rubino knows the challenges blue-collar workers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses… Read More >